paintings on canvas

My inspiration suddenly comes when some situation, in daily life, creates an emotion in me.

In this paintings gallery you find some artistic projects i’ve recently completed.


In search of purification, I scrutinise between the rage, morbid, anger and passions of my models, to achieve catharsis.


The project started in Hong Kong, when I was hosted by a person with Hikikomori syndrome.


Ancestral Mayan, Aztec and Amazon culture with themes of contemporary discrimination against native peoples.

Mental labyrinths

Calavera spray

When I was a young boy, i practiced street art with graffiti and images of skulls, on the streets of Mexico City. I never really have abandoned this technique.

Travel paintings

Traveling around the world allows me to meet extraordinary cultures, peoples and traditions. I transfer on canvas their colours, passions, spirituality and dreams.

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