Beyond simple decoration

Collection of exclusive pieces of art

Take home the colours, traditions, cultures and dreams of distant lands.

Unique, original, contemporary artworks.

In my hand paintings you find:

Paco painting Russia

A unique and original story

My art goes beyond simple decoration.

Each creation is a unique and original piece, which requires a profound creative process, each time different and exclusive. No reproductions.

My canvases reveal colours, traditions, cultures and dreams of distant lands.

The National Gallery exhibition

International experience

I get inspiration from traveling and through the sensations i experience in the Countries i visit.

I have held exhibitions in various Countries like Korea, Czech Republic, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Belgium. And, of course, Mexico.

División Celular

Artistic experimentation

I love experimenting.

In Laos i used the clothes of Buddhist monks as a canvas.

In Guatemala i taught Mayan children how to paint on dried banana tree leaves and on palm trees.

In my recent projects, i have mixed paints with photografy or with natural products (leaves, plants, coffee, wine, coal).

My art

I look for a connection with your eyes, your brain, your HEART

Oil on canvas technique


Oil on canvas – 55 x 55 cm

Painting with oil on canvas is an intense, almost overwhelming sensory experience.

The smell of linseed oil, the texture of the canvas, the fluid flowing paint, are powerful stimuli for my artistic creativity.

A brush to spread the paint, a palette knife to blend the color and images that populate my mind, come to life, forcefully.

Acrylic paintings on canvas

Septima Luna (detail)

Acrylic on canvas – 100 x 80 cm

When I want instantly to freeze a sensation, only there is one solution: acrylic paint and its quick drying.

I start with a dripping technique and then I face the canvas with decisive brush strokes.

My unconscious becomes a clear painting, with intense primary colors.

Traveling around the world increases my creativity.

It allows me to continually make new discoveries and to transfer the different realities i know, onto canvas.

Monk LuangPrabajg - Laos
painting about Ganesha - India

I travel non-stop since 2005, and this has allowed me to meet local Amazonian tribes, visit the holy cities of India, listen to the Dalai Lama in person, and live with local Philippine tribes who have taught me about how to live without materialism.

I love to experiment  in every field of life.

In Laos i used the clothes of buddhist monks as a canvas to paint on.

In Guatemala, i spent time teaching mayan children techniques for painting on dried banana tree leaves and on palm trees.

I painted inside temples, on the top of a tree in Korea, in the jungle of Peru.

The places with a strong energy produce a very powerful impact on colours and subjects of my paintings.

Exhibition in Corea
Paco Rocha painting with buddhist monks
Boras, Tribu de Amazonas, Perú

My work connects emotions with nature, experiences with people.

My paintings represent a conversation starter. I want stimulate a reflection, an emotional reaction, your identification with my stories.

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All paintings are rolled up with care, shipped in a protective plastic tube for safe arrival via postal service FedEx or DHL and will require to be unrolled before hanging.

The frame shown in some paintings is for illustrative purposes only and is not included in the shipment.

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