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Through my artworks:

I experiment with classical and contemporary artistic techniques, to tell my vision of the world.

My name is Paco Rocha and I am a Mexican artist.

Hunab Art Paco Rocha

I live my art as a psychological therapy

It is my medicine, the way I can release intense emotions, impulses, and sensations.
Painting deciphers the labyrinth of my mind and guides the brushstrokes of the unconscious onto the canvas.


From Italy’s vibrant streets to Mexico’s sun-drenched plazas, my art has found a home in galleries across half the world: Spain, Korea, England, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Germany have hosted my exhibitions.

These journeys ignite my creative spark, fueling discoveries that I translate onto canvas, weaving the world’s rich tapestry onto each piece.

Last exhibitions

Laberintos Mentales
mandala laberintos
creative drawing
Hunab Art paintings Paco Rocha
collective exhibition
collective exibition Viso
Scultura en vivo

Portfolio 2024

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Artist coefficient

My artist coefficient has been calculated and attributed by Elisabetta La Rosa, an art historian, writer, exhibition curator, manager and art critic.

The artist’s coefficient, a useful parameter for defining the market value of an artist’s work, varies according to the progression of the artistic career.

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Paintings on canvas

Expressionist art

I delve into the depths of my soul to create something truly extraordinary.

When I want to go beyond reality, I use expressionist art painting.

The canvas becomes an immersive experience revealing the intricate interplay between good and bad feelings.

oil painting on canvas entitled Insania
Luna Llena

Figurative art

I use concepts such as the golden ratio, balance, and the psychology of colour to create mesmerising works of art.

Every detail is meticulously crafted. Every stroke, every colour has meaning.

My painting becomes a visual narrative, a window into emotions, experiences, and dreams.

Luna Llena

Abstract art

My abstract art is deeply related to listening to Jazz music.

The musical notes spread throughout the room and my mind gets rid of any contamination.

I mix the colours, almost in a state of artistic trance, using a series of automatisms that eliminate any possibility of error.

I create chaos on the canvas in order to transform it into harmony.

Experimento Kerplunk
Experimento Kerplunk


I illustrate my stories using a combination of watercolours, pastels and inks.

I use these mediums to bring my ideas to life with vibrant colours.

I also enjoy experimenting with different natural materials such as linoleum, leaves or feathers to create intriguing and natural textures in my paintings.


Engraving is one of the earliest forms of printing, an ancient technique that contemporary art continues to propose.

I studied the engraving technique in Mexico.

Travelling to Japan and Korea, I was influenced by the minimalist technique and learned different techniques of woodcut on a variety of woods.


Imagination leaves abstraction and takes shape in two or three dimensional form.

The clay flowing through your hands, the smell of woodcarving, the texture of oxidised metals is a profound sensory experience.

Trips & Art

Nothing has the power to inspire my art more than my travels

From each country, from each people, I absorb colours, legends, traditions and dreams.

On my artistic pilgrimage of over 10 years I have met indigenous Amazonian tribes, visited the holy cities of India, listened to the Dalai Lama in person and lived with indigenous Filipino tribes who taught me how to live without materialism.

I have painted in temples, in the jungle and in places of great energy such as Machu Pichu.

In Laos I painted on the clothes of Buddhist monks, using them as a canvas. In Peru I painted jaguars in the jungle and taught Mayan children techniques for painting on dried banana leaves and palm trees. In Korea I lived and painted on the top of a tree.

I will stop being an artist when I can no longer keep my sense of wonder about the world alive.

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